The 2018-19 incubation round has shown that Favela Inc. has the ability to transform projects within the favela, and in doing so, transform lives. It has also allowed us to identify factors key to our future success, as well as discovering gaps in our methodologies, organizational set-up, and ability to achieve our mission.


Break down stereotypes and improve the image of favela communities:
  • Improve media coverage of favelas
  • Raise the profile of creative and inspiring favela-based projects and their founders
  • Counter negative stereotypes of favelas held by Brazilians and visitors
Support favela residents in creating sustainable socially-impactful businesses:
  • Generate income for families 
  • Ensure the viability and sustainability of their business models
  • Integrate social impact into their strategies
Scale and improve incubation process:
  • Equip incubees with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mentorship to succeed
  • Increase number of incubees
  • Develop and implement targeted programs
  • Expand to other locations
Support favela-based social projects in scaling their impact:
  • Work towards scalability and financial sustainability for all projects
  • Secure funding, donations and partnerships to address immediate financial and material needs
  • Develop financial strategy for long-term sustainability, including earned-income strategies
  • Aim to allow founders to work full-time on their project, and hire staff if necessary
  • Increase their impact through improving their management and operations and connecting them to potential partners 
  • Support cultural production, education, and preservation within favelas
  • Work with projects across a variety of sectors including democracy and governance, the arts, sports, health, and the environment
Cultivate innovation ecosystems within favelas:
  • Create a potential set of capacitated entrepreneurs
  • Offer education in key business skills to a wide set of favela residents, focussing on youth
  • Widen young people’s understanding of their possibilities and prospects, and offer a path other than dead-end low-wage jobs or crime
  • Inspire individuals to conceptualize and start projects
  • Create synergies through connecting individuals, projects, and partners
Connect favela communities to opportunities and expertise from outside the favela:
  • Bring in national and international-level expertise to the favela
  • Connect favela projects to funding opportunities, whether donations, grants, or investment
  • Connect donors and investors to worthwhile projects and promising opportunities