Agrofavela is a project that cultivates selfsustainable ecosystems in the slum community of Vidigal focused on organic agriculture, nutritional education, and health. This initiative will help boost the local economy with green jobs, disrupt current pesticide filled food supply chains and improve the quality of life of local residents. Brazil today is one of the most voracious consumers of pesticides and is the largest user in the developing world, This puts low income families at a significant risk of being exposed to dangerous chemicals that cause severe disease and lower immunity



  • Provide vulnerable favela residents recovering from the COVID-19 crisis with access to high quality, organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Educate favela residents about health, nutrition, gastronomy, agriculture, and waste management.
  • Generate revenue for local organic farmers in the periphery of the city
  • Form new urban agricultural hubs in favela communities to create jobs, increase supply of available organic goods, and promote sustainability.  


Module 1- From survival to sustainability

  • Environmental Conservation
  • Pesticides
  • Why eat organic?
  • Reuse and Recycling
  • Garbage: What is it, how to separate and how to reuse it?

Module 2- What is “to be healthy”? 

  • What is diet?
  • Healthy eating
  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • What can’t be missing on the plate?

Module 3- Sharing space- Relationship with microorganisms: benefits and harms 

  •  Food hygiene
  • Why does food spoil?
  • Intestinal microbiota, the bacteria that save our lives.
  • Live foods


Organico Solidario
Organico Solidario

Vidigal Vive
Vidigal Vive

Soul Fit
Soul Fit