VISION: Revealing the Unseen

The name Vision came from a common slum slang “Get the Vision”. But, what it really means is the essence of our project, which is giving visibility to the vulnerable population of Rio´s slums. People who are very hidden at the top of the hill, invisible even to those who desire to help.
Through technology and local partners NGOs, we register and collect socioeconomic information of slum residents and connect to education projects, work opportunities and emergencial resources. We have registered more than 3000 families in Vidigal in partnership with 6 local NGOs.
Our dream is that every socioeconomic vulnerable person in Brazil is registered, easily found for whomever wants to help and will have access to education, opportunities, survival conditions and guaranteed human rights. Next year we already want to be established in Rocinha, one of the biggest slums in latin america.

Organizations and even NGOs established out of slums that have products, services or social support projects can utilize our platform and have access to ONGs that will connect them to the profile of people they desire to serve. Besides, they can measure the impact generated by their projects through data in an impact panel.