VISION: Revealing the Unseen

Vision is a software idealized to bring more visibility and prosperity to low income communities and the residents within. This system enables the collection of trustworthy socio-economic data and is capable of optimizing the distribution of important resources such as donations, knowledge and opportunities. The optimization is done primarily through the integration of community-based local organizations and individuals (NGOs or community leaders who deliver food baskets and other resources). As well as bringing visibility, the data collected assists in fundraising, as this knowledge helps  guide the efficient arrival of resources.


As low-income communities with significant challenges and large impoverished populations many non-profits, businesses and governments seek to offer philanthropic resources and goods to local leaders and non-profits. However there has never been an integrated solution or system that facilitates relationships  between NGOs or other favela organizations. The objective is to receive these donations and  guarantee that  they are being distributed evenly,  maximizing the resources. In addition, the app provides a chance to collect data on the Favela residents and their financial situation. As this is not currently documented it gives organisations a chance to understand how many and what kind of donations each community may need.

In  a survey carried out in April by Favela Inc., 95.5% of the families in the community had not received any type of aid or basic food donations, with 63% living on up to R$ 1000 ($200 usd) monthly. Many children in the community rely  on school lunches in order to have their only meal of the day. The community is getting thousands of donations per month, but there are still many residents in need of food. The NGOs integration and generation of statistics has become urgent. To meet this goal, Vidigal NGOs and leaders who distribute supplies came together to form the collective Vidigal Vive”.


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