*Donating online or through Benfeitoria incures a 6-8% fee. Donate direct and insure the total sum of your contribution goes to the families of Vidigal.*

If you would like to make a Tax-free donation and you are from the UK, USA or AUS you can do so through out fiscal sponsor Abercrombie and Kent CLICK HERE 100% of you donation will be transferred to Favela INC.


Did you know that more than 3/4 of all residents of poor communities do not have enough money saved to maintain their standard of living for one week without work? 

Poor communities are the biggest victims of COVID -19 and the impacts resonate throughout society. Due to the economic shutdown, a large number of freelance workers in the favela have already lost their jobs. In addition, health risks are disproportionately higher for favela residents due to the living conditions here. High population density combined with small housing and lack of proper air circulation makes the risk of the spread of infection much higher in the favela. 

Vidigal Vive is a 100% non-partisan movement made by several organisations from the civil sector in partnership with the Vidigal Residents’ Association created to help victims of the Corona Virus crisis.

Vidigal is a community in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro known worldwide for its incredible geographical location. Many residents were drastically affected by the quarantine because they relied on jobs related to tourism and local commerce. In a survey carried out in April by Favela Inc. 95.5% of the families had not received any type of aid or basic food basket, with 63% living on up to R$ 1000 ($200). Many children in the community relied on school lunches to have their only meal of the day.

Hunger has become an even more cruel reality in Vidigal and many families urgently need basic food.

We need your help to provide not only food, but also masks and basic hygiene kits!


Now imagine the impact of a donation of only R $ 20 on someone’s life!

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This campaign was developed by the social impact initiative Favela Inc. with the support of other local NGOs and the Vidigal Residents’ Association. Favela Inc. is a center for social innovation and entrepreneurship that helps the Vidigal community to develop business through education.

We are currently investing ALL OUR EFFORTS to raise funds to support the most needy families in our community.


A food and hygiene kit costs an average of R $ 120 ($24) and supports a family of 3-4 people for 1 month.

We are currently collecting data about the residents of Vidigal at the moment we know of an average of 3500 families are in an urgent situation to receive food. This number will surly go up. 

  • 80% of your donation will go to food and hygiene kits
  • 12%of your donation will support the delivery operation logistics, which involves motorcycle taxi drivers and other local partners who are working on the campaign and delivery points. 
  • 8% of your donation will go to the crowdfunding platform (3.5 Benfeitoria & 4.5 Pagar.me)



food delivered


Of alcohol gel


Hygiene kits


See how your donation can be part of a transformation!

Making a difference in the community is not just about delivering basic food items, it is necessary to think long term. 

To understand who are the most needy families and the real needs of the community:

  • For immediate delivery of the kits: we are carrying out the mapping of families through a partnership with other local NGOs and with the Vidigal residents’ association. 
  • For medium / long term: Favela Inc is working with national and international partners in the articulation of technology capable of carrying out this mapping in an efficient way, so that it can also be useful for other favelas. 

To operate safe and responsible logistics: (Logistics for projects like this in the favelas is a big challenge, due to the narrow alleys and streets. At this moment when it is necessary to avoid agglomerations, and distribution becomes even more challenging.)

  • For immediate delivery of the kits: We will work with two distribution points, in which each local partner organization will serve its “assisted” with a scheduled day and time. For those assisted who are not in a position to search for kits, local delivery personnel will do the distribution.
  • For the medium term: Favela Inc is coordinating actions so that this logistics and the purchase of groceries stimulate local trade and development.

Poor communities are the biggest victims of COVID -19 and the impacts resonate throughout society.