Sitiê is an ecological park located in the Vidigal favela in the southern part of
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From 2003 to 2015, a group of residents recovered a total of 8,500m2 meters of land from an informal garbage dump. Currently, the park is cared for by Paulinho, a resident of Vidigal, with help from some friends, and is supported by a small amount of tourism revenue.


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future agro forest anual revenue


As a valued member of Vidigal favela, Paulinho has dedicated his life to public service by working in community sanitation – he is employed by the local government to collect trash in Vidigal. But more than just a source of livelihood, Paulinho feels it is his responsibility to keep the community clean. Having been in Vidigal for more than three decades, he has seen the community transform, both good and bad, in many different ways.

Favela Inc. worked with its caretakers to develop its potential as a tourist attraction, environmental education site, and as a productive agroforestry, while developing plans to secure its financial future and create jobs in the community. We secured for Sitie a donation of 1,000 açai seeds and an agreement that the future harvest be purchased by a juice company. This will generate about BR50,000 of revenue per year. Favela Inc. has also developed partnerships for Sitie with Renature Foundation and Regen Farmer, international organizations with expertise in regenerative agroforestry, to bring in specialized technology and train locals on how to manage the forest.


Com a During Isis’ incubation, she developed an entrepreneurial mindset, organized her thoughts and ideas about the program, and learned how to manage the organization with regards to marketing, financial management, and other necessary business skills.

She also developed public-speaking skills, and has since given 5 motivational talks. Favela Inc. connected her with Batucavi, a percussion group in France. This group helped her learn how to organize her own percussion school in Vidigal. Batucavi also made a R$ 3.500 (BRL) donation for the purchase of instruments for BATUCAVIDI, and awarded Isis a full scholarship to travel to France and get hands-on experience in managing youth music groups.

She has now logged at least 100 hours of international training, including from a music professor from New York, who trained her remotely and later invited her to perform in the New York City Marathon. Favela Inc. has also connected her to the chance to earn BR$800 per month through participating in Favela Experience tours.