Our goal is to create and support ecosystems of innovation within favelas, connected to city-wide, national and international-level networks of resources, expertise, and opportunities. This aims to level the playing field for aspiring entrepreneurs, and therefore unleash the creativity and potential of favela communities. We believe favela residents hold the answers to their own communities’ empowerment; our role is to equip them with the necessary skills and connections to create, sustain, and grow the social projects, non-profits, and businesses that will address the myriad challenges favelas face.


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We create workspaces, and awaken a community of changemakers. We curate a medley of inclusivity and progress, to foster the right environment for social innovations to flourish. We provide our community with the spaces, connections and resources they need to work, connect, create and transform. 


The hub provides our community with a well-equiped diverse space in the heart of the favela. This space accommodates various types of events from favela tours to university conferences. Our events provide diversity revealing the assets in our community, and spur collaboration and shared learning opportunities.


Since Favela Inc. launched in March 2018, we have worked with a total of 5 projects in the Vidigal favela, spanning a variety of sectors.  Every program is different but the goal is always the same: to accelerate the success and amplify the impact of a cohort of high-potential projects.